About Us

Welcome to our lab at the School of Biomedical Engineering at Shenzhen University.

Our lab is dedicated to developing miniaturized in-vitro diagnostic tools using emerging micro/nano-technologies. Specifically, we leverage our expertise in microfluidics, MEMS, nanomaterials, and soft matter, and develop innovative blood coagulation tests and interruptive single-cell sequencing technology.

Located in the Greater Bay Area of China with a fast-growing biotechnology community, our lab is made up of a group of enthusiastic young scientists with the aim of developing fast, accurate, and affordable clinical tests. To learn more, please visit Members.

Meet the lab (left to right): Zida Li, Tao Wang, Jinying Cai, Donghao Li, Kai Wu, Linzhe Chen, Meichi Jin, Run Xie, and Lanzhu Huang. (Winter 2021)

Selected Publications

Emerging biosensing technologies for improved diagnostics of COVID-19 and future pandemics (PDF)
Linzhe Chen, Longqi Liu*, Zida Li*, et al., Talanta, 2020.

Micro-engineered flexural post rings for effective blood sample fencing and high throughput measurement of clot retraction force (PDF)
Lanzhu Huang#, Xinyu Liu#, Zida Li*, et al., ACS Sensors, 2020.

Stretchable supercapacitors as emergent energy storage units for health monitoring bioelectronics (PDF)
Xue Chen, Zida Li*, Tiantian Kong*, et al., Advanced Energy Materials, 2019.

Dean flow assisted single cell and bead encapsulation for high performance single cell expression profiling (PDF)
Luoquan Li#, Ping Wu#, Zida Li*, Liqun He*, et al., ACS Sensors, 2019.

Multiple splitting of droplets using multi-furcating microfluidic channels (PDF)
Zida Li*, Ping Wu*, et al., Biomicrofluidics, 2019.

A miniaturized hemoretractometer for blood clot retraction testing (PDF)
Zida Li, Jianping Fu*, et al., Small, 2016.

Syringe-pump-induced fluctuation in all-aqueous microfluidic system implications for flow rate accuracy (PDF)
Zida Li, Ho Cheung Shum*, et al., Lab on a Chip, 2014.

Recent News

Dec. 2020: Our review paper on COVID-19 diagnostics using emerging biosensors has been accepted by Talanta!

Nov. 2020: Our research article on high throughput clot retraction assay has been accepted by ACS Sensors!

Sep. 2020: Run Xie, Kai Wu, and Donghao Li joined our group as Master's students. Meichi Jin joined as a final year project student. Welcome on board!

Nov. 2019: Our review paper collaborated with Prof. Tiantian Kong on stretchable supercapacitors has been accepted by Advanced Energy Materials!

Oct. 2019: Our group has been awarded Mianshang Grant by the Guangdong Science and Technology Agency!

June 2019: Our group has been awarded the Med Research Grant by the Hygiene and Health Committee of Guangdong Province!

June 2019: Nick and Linzhe joined our group as grad students! Welcome!

Apr. 2019: Two of our collaborative works have been published on ACS Sensors and Biomicrofluidics, respectively!

Sep. 2018: Lanzhu joined our group as a grad student! Welcome!

July 2018: Lab established!